Moving Checklist


6 weeks before you move
Confirm your move with mover and sign the deal.
Identify prohibited items and make arrangements during the move.
Prepare to handle your pets during the move.

5 weeks before your move
Remove and dispose items you don’t want to carry.

4 weeks before you move
Inform people of your new address.
Notify banks and other financial institutions about your move.
Round up passports, birth/marriage certificates and other family documentation.

3 weeks before you move
Separate favorite toys and household articles.
Make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date.
Arrange for mail to be forwarded.

2 weeks before you move
Start to dismantle climbing frames/garden furniture.
Agree upon an insurance value and terms with your mover.
Make arrangements of connection of services to your new home.
Return library books.
Find new place for your plants.

3 days before your move
Defrost the refrigerator/freezer.
Plan simple meals for moving day to avoid using appliances.
Separate luggage items you need for personal travel.
Clean garden tools, bicycles and other gardening equipment.
Empty the tanks of powered tools such as mowers.
Check you have enough medication for at least two weeks, and ensure you have copies of any necessary prescriptions for use at destination.
Collect traveler’s checks or local currency.
Arrange for someone to look after the children on moving day.