Liedkie Moving & Storage answers some frequently asked questions about moving and the moving process.

How far in advance should I call a mover?

We suggest contacting moving companies in time to land on a final estimate 45-60 days prior to your move date. In-home estimates are the most accurate way to get a precise moving cost.

How is the moving cost determined?

An agent representative will calculate the total weight of your belongings and add that to a formula that tracks the distance of your move. Any additional services or requests needed will also be applied.

If my new home isn’t ready, can I store my belongings in storage?

Liedkie offers a variety of storage solutions. Ask your representative to learn more.

How should I move my valuables?

We suggest keeping anything that is of extreme importance close to you at all times. Jewelry, legal documents, and family heirlooms should either be personally transferred by you, or you should arrange for them to be shipped by traceable carrier.

Will Liedkie move my plants?

Most movers do not move house plants. Liedkie is no exception. If you would like them to come to your new home, make arrangements other than the company moving van.

For an accurate estimate, or additional information regarding your upcoming move, please complete our On Line Estimate Request form or call our professional relocation consultants at Liedkie Moving & Storage-518-357-2400.