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Volunteer Opportunities for Recent Albany Movers

National Volunteer Week is coming right up. This year it falls on April 6-13, 2014. Liedkie Moving & Storage is happy to take this timely opportunity to encourage our recent Albany movers to deepen their connection to their new communities through volunteering.

We have been in the Albany moving business since 1917. We know the importance of understanding the needs of the community that we live and work in. Reaching out to volunteer rewards us with pride for our community while strengthening our roots in the community.

We have offered articles in the past sharing ideas for feeling at home once you move to a new place. We would like to honor National Volunteer Week by encouraging our recent Albany movers to consider reaching out by lending a hand in their new community. Through volunteering you will make wonderful connections with new friends. You will learn more about your community and the needs there. There is probably no better way to feel at home in a new place then to begin to invest your time, energy and heart into that place.

You may already have a favorite organization that you volunteer for. If so, a great place to start would be to look into whether that organization has a branch or presence in your community. Religious affiliations are another way to find connections to volunteer opportunities. Also, local hospitals, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, animal shelters and schools might be places to start your search, but there are many organizations out there waiting to be found.

We found a fabulous resource on-line for connecting with volunteer opportunities. At you can search based on what you care about and the city you live in, and they will match you up with a non-profit organization that could use your help.

Just another simple and meaningful way for Albany movers to plant roots and feel at home in their new communities. Liedkie Moving & Storage wishes you happiness wherever you move.


Albany Movers Welcome Spring!

It has finally arrived, if only by date, but winter is in fact fading away and most places in the country this year can say, “Good Riddance!” Major cities nearly everywhere dealt with more snow than usual and colder than average temperatures. And according to most long range forecasts, winter is not finished with the US just yet with below normal temperatures forecasted next week and the possibility for another major snow event for the mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

One thing is clear, winter is losing, so face the bright future and begin thinking about your spring plans. Many Albany movers will be choosing to list their homes on the market to take advantage of the busiest upcoming home selling season. Are you ready? We are. At Liedkie Moving & Storage, we stand by our Albany movers ready to handle local, long distance and international movers.

Perhaps you are getting ready to list your house. Here is our short list of reminders for things to do outdoors now that the weather is breaking, to prepare your home for the market:

  • Spring yard clean up-time to remove the dead debris of winter. Clean out your garden beds, add fresh mulch and some ornamental annuals to cheer everything up.
  • House washing-renting or hiring a power washer to make your home sparkle and look its best
  • Paint your front door with a fresh coat and maybe even the shutters and porch trim etc.
  • Purchase a new doormat-any little touch to present a clear and welcoming space is helpful.
  • Clean your outdoor light fixtures so that the glass shines and the light glows beautifully
  • Look for any winter damage to trees and shrubs and remove what is unsightly
  • Place a pot of flowers by your front door
  • Clean up any outdoor furniture to make your patios and decks look their best
  • Give lampposts a fresh coat of spray paint
  • Consider any driveway repair or a fresh asphalt coat if needed.
  • And….do not forget to do that final walk around your yard. Stand back on the street and look at the overall appearance of you home. What did you miss? Take a photo for a different perspective.

Of course your realtor will also give you all kinds of tips too and be most helpful in deciding what you need to do. There are so many little inexpensive things you can do to make your house look like the perfect home to a buyer. Good Luck Albany movers! And when it is time to get moving, Liedkie Moving & Storage is here to help!


Choosing a Trusted Albany Moving Company

We sure are glad you stopped by to read our article this week. March 2-8, 2014 is National Consumer Protection Week. Liedkie Moving & Storage is the Albany moving company dedicated to getting the word out about Albany moving fraud. We are in the beginning preparation stages for the busiest moving season of the year. We know many of you are beginning to search for the Albany moving company you can trust to deliver your move.

National Consumer Protection Week is a campaign designed to inform consumers of their rights and to help them make better informed decisions.  They offer resources and partners to bring you information about all types of fraud and scams. We live in a world where it is absolutely imperative that we stay on top of the newest ways scam artists try to cheat us. You need to protect our family, identity, home, business, privacy, banking and the list goes on. It seems every day, there is a new way to scam us. Help yourself and recognize the warning signals. Do your own research rather than trusting all that something or someone tells you. We encourage to visit National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) for information, materials, a list of partners and more to become informed and protect yourself from fraud.

Obviously as an Albany Moving Company, Liedkie Moving & Storage is concerned with moving fraud. It happens all the time. We do not want it to happen to you. We see it nationwide in the news more and more frequently. Luckily it is quite simple to protect yourself when you have the right information. You will then be able to choose an Albany moving company you can trust.  We highly recommend that before choosing your Albany moving company that you visit Protect Your Move. This resource put out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in partnership with the moving industry, law enforcement and consumer groups, aims to provide consumers with information to protect themselves from moving fraud. The website it packed with things to know and do to ensure a safe and protected move.

Liedkie Moving & Storage wishes you the best of luck in choosing a trusted Albany Moving Company. Protect yourself with the facts and your rights and you will be moving in the right direction.