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Autumn Garage and Shed cleanouts

Happy Autumn from Liedkie Moving & Storage! We know that many Albany area moving companies are beginning to slow down after the moving industry’s busiest time of the year. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Albany area movers for the opportunity to serve them and move them into their new homes.

Liedkie Moving & Storage never thinks about slowing down. Moving is an all yearlong industry. We know that many future Albany area movers are just beginning the entire process and thinking about their needs before their big move. Earlier this month, we provided tips for sorting and purging the contents of your home as you anticipate a move down the line. We hope that our future Albany area movers enjoyed our tips and resources for doing that.

Fall makes us think about areas like the garage and shed when the daytime temperatures are perfect for the jobs. In fact, National Clean Out Your Garage Day is observed as the Saturday after Labor Day. No worries if you missed that or even purposely avoided it…..For many, the garage and shed are places they would prefer not to have to deal with. But deal with it you must so let us motivate you to get started!  Not only will you want to sort and purge those contents to lessen the weight of your move load and save you money, but if you are getting ready to sell your home soon, you will want these areas to be neat and accessible for showings.

It will be a lot easier to organize these areas and make them accessible after removing what you will not need or want to take with you when you move. We found this article on “Don’t Neglect the Garage” to be particularly helpful to get you started.  This article has great ideas for getting your garage in shipshape and ready for a showing.

Don’t forget to keep a sense of humor. Play some motivating music while you move through the task. Get the family involved and helping. Most people can get the job done in one day or a weekend. Just think how good you will feel when the job is behind you. Liedkie Moving & Storage are here as your Albany area Movers with all the right resources to take the stress out of your move. Good Luck!

National Voter Registration Day

National Voter Registration Day is coming right up on September 24, 2013. Liedkie Moving & Storage would like to remind our recent Albany area movers to register to vote. If you have recently moved, you have a lot to do. Registering to vote could easily fall by the wayside as you are setting up utilities, updating accounts and accessing information about where you moved to ease into your new life.  That is why we are taking this time to help our Albany area movers get the job down, so come November, their voices will be heard in our national election.

Liedkie Moving & Storage like to provide resources our Albany area need to ensure a smooth and stress-free move process. Voter registration is a simple and relatively quick process. Check out this page on the Election Assistance Commission website for a list of answers to questions about registering to vote after a move. On this page you will find a link to the National Mail Voter Registration Form and also a link for your local or state elections office. Easy!

Don’t be left out in the cold this November. Get your voter voice heard and register to vote in your new community. It is fast and easy.  Liedkie Moving & Storage would like to welcome all recent Albany area movers to their new neighborhood communities.

Lowering the Cost of Your Future Albany Area Move

Welcome back to our news page at Liedkie Moving & Storage! Last week we brought up the topic of the approaching fall and how this time of changing seasons is a great time to begin some sorting and purging in your home to prepare for a future Albany area move. Your move costs will in part be determined by the weight of the contents of your home.  You cannot afford to ignore all of your unwanted stuff. If you are like most people, you have more than you need or want lying around your home. Over time things get stashed here and there and forgotten about. Usually the reasons you thought you wanted to keep something are long forgotten as you hold up the strange item and think “Why in the world did I keep this?” Time passes. Your style changes. Your needs change. Take some time to purge now. Enjoy the move savings later.

As your trusted Albany area moving company, we at Liedkie Moving & Storage love to bring you tips and resources to ease your stress. In fact, we are in the business of taking stress out of the equation when it comes to moving. One of the best articles we have found that provides an enormous amount of advice for future Albany area movers is The slacker’s guide to decluttering your home before a sale or move. We suggest you take advantage of these tips and practices and you will be on your way to an affordable Albany area move. Not only will the information help you get on your way to an affordable move, but it will also get your home in tip top shape for showings taking care of two big tasks at once.

Remember start small to avoid feeling overwhelmed or defeated by the process. Begin with what is easiest to allow for the momentum to kick in. You sure will be glad you took the time to do this when you look back at how much unnecessary weight you did not have to pay to move. Liedkie Moving & Storage wishes you the best of luck with your pre-move organizing. We will see you on moving day!



Future Albany Move? Time to Sort and Purge!

Happy September! The summer is winding down. It is the squirrely time of year where we tend to feel like getting ready or getting back to normal or getting organized. For Liedkie Moving & Storage, the summer was and continues to be our busiest move season. But we are always looking ahead and preparing for the next one.

Many people in Albany are just beginning the thought process about a future Albany move and this time of year is perfect for planning and preparing. Future Albany movers can take advantage of the change in the air and the fall clear out/clean out feeling and start sorting through the contents of their home.

We here at Liedkie Moving & Storage like to get our Albany movers thinking ahead to make a future move as smooth as possible. It is a great time of year to prepare and purge! You might not be moving for a while, but it is never too early to think about what stays and what goes if you know a move is on the horizon. Sorting and purging contents of your home can seem like an overwhelming task if you leave it down to the weeks or even a month or two before a move. It could almost be a second job if you have collected a ton over the years.

Start now and start small. Begin with just one cabinet. If you know you are keeping some of the items you sort through but won’t be using them before you move, you can even begin boxing them up and labeling the contents.  One rule of thumb is: if you use it regularly, will use it in the next year, or enjoy it in anyway, then it should probably go with you. Best of all, purging the weight of the contents of your home can help lower the cost of your future move. Remember, your move costs will be calculated based on weight so why not get your home skinny well before actual move day. Be sure to recycle and donate what you will not be keeping. Check out Earth911 or Donationtown for countless resources for donating and recycling your unwanted items.

Like the squirrels, Liedkie Moving & Storage like to get ready for what may come. If you are one of the many future Albany movers thinking of moving in the next year or so, prepare ahead and begin your move purge little by little over time. You will be so glad you do it come moving time and so will your wallet. Check back through this upcoming season for purging tips and resources.