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Lowering the Cost of Your Future Albany Area Move

Welcome back to our news page at Liedkie Moving & Storage! Last week we brought up the topic of the approaching fall and how this time of changing seasons is a great time to begin some sorting and purging in your home to prepare for a future Albany area move. Your move costs will in part be determined by the weight of the contents of your home.  You cannot afford to ignore all of your unwanted stuff. If you are like most people, you have more than you need or want lying around your home. Over time things get stashed here and there and forgotten about. Usually the reasons you thought you wanted to keep something are long forgotten as you hold up the strange item and think “Why in the world did I keep this?” Time passes. Your style changes. Your needs change. Take some time to purge now. Enjoy the move savings later.

As your trusted Albany area moving company, we at Liedkie Moving & Storage love to bring you tips and resources to ease your stress. In fact, we are in the business of taking stress out of the equation when it comes to moving. One of the best articles we have found that provides an enormous amount of advice for future Albany area movers is The slacker’s guide to decluttering your home before a sale or move. We suggest you take advantage of these tips and practices and you will be on your way to an affordable Albany area move. Not only will the information help you get on your way to an affordable move, but it will also get your home in tip top shape for showings taking care of two big tasks at once.

Remember start small to avoid feeling overwhelmed or defeated by the process. Begin with what is easiest to allow for the momentum to kick in. You sure will be glad you took the time to do this when you look back at how much unnecessary weight you did not have to pay to move. Liedkie Moving & Storage wishes you the best of luck with your pre-move organizing. We will see you on moving day!