International Relocation Support for Albany Movers

What? You are moving where? Your friends and family may be surprised by your announcement to move to an international destination. You on the other hand, may be overwhelmed. What an exciting time! A new chapter and adventure begin. Liedkie Moving & Storage understands first-hand the challenges and considerations surrounding an international move. We have been helping Albany movers relocate internationally for years and years.

As a Prime Arpin Van Lines Agent, Liedkie Moving & Storage utilizes the worldwide assistance of the Arpin International Group providing us with the global resources, expertise, and knowledge to pick up and transport your goods to a new country, clear customs, and deliver your possessions to your final international destination.  Check out the Arpin International Group Resource page for useful information and international moving tips for Albany movers. Rest assured, we can handle every aspect of your international relocation.

What about settling in once you get there? You might be unfamiliar with the culture, community, language etc. There are numerous resources on line to help you connect with others in an expat community. Here are just a few that we found useful:

Organizations such as these can help you connect with your international community. You will feel more at home when supported by others who understand what it means to live as an expat in your new foreign country.

Good luck Albany movers! Your new adventure awaits. Liedkie Moving & Storage is standing by to assist you every step of the way to your foreign destination.

Happy New Year Albany Movers!

Liedkie Moving & Storage would like to wish our Albany Movers a Happy New Year. 2013 proved to be a great year for our moving company and we have our Albany movers to thank. We look forward to more opportunities to serve you 2014.

Enjoy a safe and prosperous New Year!

Liedkie Moving & Storage, your trusted Albany movers.

Happy Holiday Albany Movers

Liedkie Moving & Storage would like to wish our Albany movers and their families a peaceful and joyous holiday season. We appreciate your business over these many years and the trust you put in us to handle your Albany moves.  Here’s wishing you and yours safe, warm and happy holidays!

Liedkie Moving & Storage-On the move with Albany movers.  Santa’s not the only jolly good fellow who can deliver your goods on time!

Winter Movers

It is still officially autumn, but tell that to Mother Nature. She seems to have a different schedule for us this year. With over 63% of the country currently covered by snow, it seems that winter has indeed arrived despite the calendar.

Traveling has been treacherous across much of the nation with yet another large storm predicted for this weekend to affect a huge area.  How does this affect the moving industry? Well luckily it is not our busiest time of year, however, we still have Albany movers on the go who need to get their household contents to their new destination.

Liedkie Moving & Storage is a long distance moving company serving Albany movers and the greater New York area. In addition we are a Prime Arpin Van Lines agent. Arpin has been providing long distance move services for over 100 years. Arpin has recognized by Consumer Reports Magazine as being #1 in customer satisfaction, and by Logistics Management magazine as being #1 in customer service, value, and on-time performance. As a Prime Arpin agent, Liedkie Moving & Storage is prepared and experienced when it comes to harsh weather and long distance moves, and has the nationwide resources to move you in any weather conditions.    No matter what the weather, and how many states we need to cross, we will bring your goods home.

Just a reminder to our Albany movers- please be safe along your own move journey. Whether you are flying to your new destination or driving, be prepared if you are moving to or from a winter weather affected area. Be sure to pack the essentials in case of a weather emergency. Keep an eye on the weather reports and airport closings/cancellations etc. You could be stuck at an airport or on an interstate.  Airports aren’t the best place to be stuck but they are warm and have pretty much what you would need for a longer than planned stay. Stuck in a storm on the road is another story.

We highly recommend that our Albany movers planning a winter move, read the Winterize Your Vehicle Checklist on FEMA’s website for preparing your vehicle for long distance winter travel and what to have on hand in your vehicle in case of a winter emergency. Also check out the Winter Driving segment at You will want to know these life saving tips in an emergency.

Liedkie Moving & Storage wish our Albany movers a safe journey home this winter. Always check ahead and plan to avoid weather affected areas along your travel route. Stop ahead of a storm and wait it out in a hotel. Arrive safe and sound at your new destination.




Moving Fraud-It is real. Protect yourself

You have heard the stories about rogue movers – and well, it has happened again. The Department of Transportation has shut down 5 more moving companies for fraud. Three of the companies are in Southern Florida, one in South Carolina and one in Maryland. Read more about this story here in the Miami Herald.

Liedkie Moving & Storage would like to remind Albany movers to protect yourselves when choosing a Albany moving company.  A great place to start is this Moving Fraud Protection Checklist put out by the US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Their website has a wealth of information on how to ensure that you are choosing a reputable and honest Albany moving company.  On their site you can also run a search on an Albany moving company and see if they have a complaint history.  In addition, you can visit the American Moving and Storage Association and look for an AMSA certified Promover.  These movers meet AMSA quality and service standards.

Moving can be stressful enough. Do not be taken advantage of by a rogue mover. Protect yourself and your belongings and do your research. Liedkie Moving & Storage is proud of our reputation and history. We have the credentials to prove it with customer testimonials right on our site, a Better Business Bureau Accreditation, plus an AMSA ProMover certification. We are the trusted Albany moving company who will see your belongings safely home.

Don’t be an Albany mover victim of fraud. Do your homework and let us know if we can assist you in any way. Your research will go a long way in ensuring your belongings go all the way home. Happy and Safe Moving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Liedkie Moving & Storage would like to wish all Albany movers and all our New York move customers a Happy Thanksgiving. We are very grateful to you for your business and your positive reviews of our Albany moving services.  We appreciate our repeat customers who have placed their faith in us time and time again to handle their New York moves. We also appreciate the many referrals we have received from satisfied customers. It is a high complement and one we are proud of. Thank you for making us your choice for your greater New York area move service!

We at Liedkie Moving & Storage wish you and yours a bountiful, healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Donate Food Before You Move

Liedkie Moving & Storage would like to remind our Albany Movers that as they are preparing for their upcoming move, food storage items can weigh a lot and increase the cost of your move. Why not lighten your move load and donate your excess food items to your local food bank?

This time of year it is easy for Albany movers to find places to donate food. There are donation drop-offs in many area stores, churches, school etc. Also you can check out Feeding America to find a local food bank that may accept your food donation or direct you on where you can drop it off.

So why not pack up your food and drop it where it is most needed instead of loading it onto the move truck? Lighten your move load to save moving costs and help feed those in need. It’s a perfect match. We here at Liedkie Moving & Storage wish all of our Albany movers a warm and bountiful Thanksgiving.


The Benefits of Using Temporary Storage

How are you doing with your fall sorting and purging? Autumn is flying by. The busy holiday season will be upon us in a flash. This is the best time of year to take stock of what you have and what you will keep before a move. Your move costs will be based partly on the weight of your move load. You will surely save money on your move by purging unwanted items now. Throughout this fall season we have been sharing ideas and resources for sorting through the contents of the home with our future Albany movers.  There are still a couple of weeks left before the bustle of the holidays takes front stage. Time to move more stuff!

As you looked through closets, attic, basement, garage, shed, you got a true sense of what you need and want and what you will be leaving behind.  Liedkie Moving & Storage shared resources and ideas for recycling, donations, on-line selling, etc.  And do not forget the possibility of holding a yard sale.
So now you are left with everything you will definitely be taking with you on your move. Some Albany movers may have used the sorting exercise as a time to start packing up items they will not be needing before moving day. Do you have furniture and boxes that are in the way of home showings? It is always best to show a home on the market that is free of clutter, personal items and abundant storage items. This helps the buyers “see” themselves living in your home. A great way to clear the way is to use temporary storage space.  As your trusted Albany mover, Liedkie Moving & Storage offers temporary storage space. Our facilities are clean, climate controlled, and secure.  Come moving day, we can load your storage items along with the rest of your household contents and move everything to your new residence.

Also, keep our storage space in mind if you will be moving to temporary housing before you can move into your permanent home. We offer many solutions for short and long term storage. Liedkie Moving & Storage can provide for all your moving and storage needs.  Good luck to Albany movers with all pre-move preparations!


Honoring Those Who Have Served

To all those who have served and who are currently serving our country, Liedkie Moving & Storage would like to say Thank You!  We are proud of our Veterans and honor them through our remembrance, support and gratitude today and every day.  Your sacrifice is the ultimate sacrifice that protects our freedom and our great nation.  Happy Veterans Day!

Liedkie Moving & Storage is an agent of Arpin Van Lines. Arpin has had one of the strongest industry reputations for providing the highest quality control and performance standards to the Military and the Government Services Administration, continually having high Customer Service Index (CSI) scores compared to our competition. We proudly serve Albany moving military families.

Liedkie Moving & Storage, as an agent of Arpin Van Lines, recognizes our active and veteran military service men and women by providing veteran discounts on interstate moves.  Read more about Arpin Veteran Moving Services Savings Program and contact us about your Albany moving discount for veterans.

Liedkie Moving & Storage honors our military service personnel. You work tirelessly to serve our country and we salute you!


The Batty Attic

Last week Liedkie Moving & Storage brought forward the topic of cleaning out the “spooky” basement to our future Albany movers. In keeping with the spirit of this last week in October, we would like to turn your attention to the batty attic!

For those of you in the Albany area that are planning a move in the next year, it is never too early to prepare for that move now when you have the time. It will save you money and time later. Liedkie Moving & Storage makes a point of sharing ideas and resources as well as offering our moving and storage services to make your Albany move as smooth as possible. We have brought up the topics of sorting and purging all the areas of your home including closets, garage, shed, and basement.  What about the batty attic?! Don’t forget to go up there. Like the basement, the attic can be an area you want to put off and avoid but you will be so glad you dealt with it now and not when it is time to actually move.

Attics can be filled with spooky things like spiders and webs and THINGS that no longer serve you. Take this season to get up there and see what is what.  It is another great project to get the family involved in as you sort through possible heirlooms and family history. Be sure to have a safe way to get into the attic. If you have a pull down staircase, check to make sure it is working properly and remove all pets and children from the area when pulling it down.  Go up and inspect the flooring and area to ensure your safety before proceeding.

As in other areas of your home, you will decide what stays and what goes. You can beginning packing up many items for if they are in the attic, you probably will not be using them any time soon. In past posts, we offered ideas and resources for recycling, donating and yard sales. Another great way to lighten your move load and save you costs on your move is to sell items online. There are countless online stores where you can list your items for sale. There are companies you can hire to sell your stuff for you. There are also sites that allow you to build your own online store for selling anything you come across. Future Albany movers may see this time (months before a move) as the time to sell on line and put some cash in your pocket.

Liedkie Moving & Storage encourages our future Albany movers to research the many options available for online selling. It is another great way to get rid of what you no longer need before your big move. Check back through our older posts for great resources and ideas for sorting through the contents of your home. Good luck clearing out the “Spooky” areas of your home and Happy Halloween!